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About Us

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Greyhound Haven is a privately run (non-industry funded) sanctuary for greyhounds, operating in northern Tasmania. Greyhound Haven aims to rehome where possible as well as provide information on the care of greyhounds as pets.
Greyhound Haven Tasmania is an incorporated association in the state of Tasmania.

Aims & Objectives -

  • To provide temporary care or rehoming to greyhounds who otherwise would be surrendered to pounds, improperly rehomed or destroyed, regardless of reasons for the dog’s surrender (except in cases where critical assessments are failed).
  • Educate the public and alleviate misconceptions that many still have of this breed.
  • Provide accurate advice about the greyhound breed to other welfare agencies, vets, government departments, the media and individuals.
  • Assess the suitability as pets of greyhounds taken into our care and to introduce and train them for living in a family environment.
  • Encourage improvements in welfare standards involving all greyhounds, regardless of racing status.

Greyhound Haven abides by the following Code of Ethics-

  • All rehomed dogs will be desexed prior to leaving our care, regardless of gender. Exceptions may be made in the case of dogs considered by a veterinarian to be too elderly to safely anesthetize.
  • Greyhound Haven operates for the welfare of the animals in care and any adoption fees or donations made will be used to fund further work. Greyhound Haven is not run for the personal profit of any involved persons.
  • Greyhound Haven is dedicated to both the welfare of the dogs in our care and education and commits to provide adopters with the knowledge and support necessary to correctly care for any animal adopted.
  • All potential homes will be screened to ensure the animal is going to a suitable environment. This screening includes (but is not limited to) interviews and homechecks.
  • Greyhound Haven operates in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act (1993) found here .
  • Greyhound Haven abides by the MDBA Code of Ethics for rescue (found here).

Greyhound Haven is an MDBA rescue member.
We believe that the best way to help dogs is through ethical and responsible rehoming; testing dogs properly, maintaining high standards of care and retaining the dogs in foster care for an appropriate amount of time to determine the most suitable home situation for each individual. As a rescue member of the MDBA, we are bound by one of the strictest codes of ethics expected by an animal interest group.
Our policies are aimed at facilitating ethical rescue while maintaining our goal of rehoming as many greyhounds as possible.
MDBA member no. 2610

Greyhound Haven Tasmania is an incorporated association in the state of Tasmania.
Incorporation number: IA11063
ABN: 73 128 633 579
Greyhound Haven Tasmania Inc. is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. All donations are tax deductible.

Nominated for Master Canine Rescuer of the Year in the 6th Annual Dog Owners Choice Awards

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